Knowledge Management

We enable the enterprise to define and grow its business ontology, capture structured data annotated with this ontology, and semantically analyze for actionable insight. Our semantic analysis platform is mobile enabled and spatially aware. We integrate and extend open source components with a semantic layer of customer software for scalable and innovative applications.


Cyber Security

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our cyber intelligence knowledge base contains current and historical intelligence on millions of suspicious entities, aggregates open source data feeds, and continuously monitors the information in real-time. We use semantic technology to connect the dots in the wild and interpret the risk for your organizational profile. We leverage guilt by association metrics based on behavior and intent using link analysis to analyze criminal networks using the same infrastructure for multiple campaigns.

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Research & Development

We provide contract R&D services for a variety of government agencies. For our clients, we have developed knowledge management solutions relating to civil information management in complex operations, dynamic replanning for unmanned aerial vehicles, decision models for course of action forecasting, data marts for integrating strategic and tactical human terrain data, mobile decision aid apps for use in planning operations, cyber threat intelligence applications, and insider threat detection.

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