Cyber Defense

Botnet Threat Intelligence

Botnet Threat Intelligence provides intelligence regarding domains, domain IPs, nameserver domains, and nameserver domain IPs that are associated with fast flux service networks involved in malicious activities such as spam campaigns, phishing attacks, and malware delivery. The data repository is available as a standalone database or through a Web service API.

Cyber Impact Mission Impact Assessment

The objective of CIMIA is to develop a structured process and technology that provides decision makers with context-specific, real-time situational awareness regarding the status of critical information resources.

Insider Threat Assessment and Monitoring

The exploitation of covert channels poses multiple threats including acting as a pathway for intellectual property and identify theft, as a delivery channel for malicious code, and as signaling/control channel for botnets. Our solution detects and classifies outbound network flows that are indicative of data exfiltration across covert channels.

Social Media Honeynet

The Social Media Honeynet entices the adversary to attack virtual social agents that are indistinguishable from real users to learn adversarial attack patterns for the purposes of protecting enterprise networks and users from cyber attacks.