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Next Generation Mission Manager

In today's complex threat environment the need to manage new threats, targets, and tactics dynamically is paramount. Today, almost no ISR missions finish as they were originally planned. By allowing operators to focus on the mission: managing target priorities, balancing risk & reward, and mission effectiveness across multiple aircraft in a battle space enables more effective & lower risk mission execution. Utilizing the rich data ontologies available, dPlan helps mission teams quickly characterize new information revise the plan, understand the new decision constraints, and provides a set of new flight plans to complete the mission. 



  • Decision Support
    • Helps commanders make re-planning decisions in high volume, complex, and dynamic environments
  • Priority Management
    • Develops plan alternatives using mission metrics and constraints
  • Event Engine
    • Ingests and visualizes new targets, threats, or tasks, and automatically interprets changes to the mission plan
  • Semantic Reasoning
    • Performs reasoning on data streams with a mission planning ontology defined for the C4ISR systems of the future
  • Web Environment
    • Use with any device, any data, anywhere
  • Collaboration
    • Multiple user modes and shared common operating picture


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  • Sensor Modeling
    • Leveraging best of breed physics based sensor modeling to deliver real-time performance calculations for all sensor modalities
  • Platform Management
    • Easy parsing of relevant platform status and  configuration, enabling operators to easily maintain a fleet of platforms with various configurations
  • Mission Modes
    • Utilizing best of breed algorithms for a variety of missions including Search & Rescue, Communications Relay, & Stand-off collection