Milcord in C4ISR - The Journal of Network-Centric Warfare

Ross Stapleton-Gray discusses "How to Reclaim Computer Networks from Botnets" with particular insight into the cyber attack on Estonia.

Alper Caglayan is the principal investigator at Milcord LLC of Waltham, Mass., which, with the University of Wisconsin and its Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory, was one of the HS-ARPA’s STTR awardees. Milcord’s approach is aimed at reducing the overall bot “ecosystem,” which would reduce their availability for use in attacks such as that conducted against the Estonian Internet sites.

“Our product probably would help Estonia indirectly,” Caglayan said. “If ISPs and corporate networks were using our product to detect and mitigate infected computers, the attacks on Estonia’s government resources would be much less effective. Our goal in this project is not so much to stop systems from being infected, but to detect the infection as soon as possible, then to mitigate the infection.”

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