Milcord presents FastFlux Botnet Intelligence service at CATCH Conference

Milcord, LLC. - WALTHAM, MA – Milcord LLC presented findings from and announced the launch of a Cyber Security Intelligence Web service that detects and monitors Fast Flux botnets at the CATCH (Cybersecurity Applications and Technology Conference for Homeland Security) Conference in Washington D.C. The Web service was developed under a Phase II STTR (Small Business Innovation Research – Technology Transfer) project funded by DHS Cyber S&T.  Milcord also received support from Sandia National Labs. The FastFlux Monitor service is a tool for cyber defenders in government and enterprises that detects and tracks the behavior of key components (domain names, IP addresses, domain name servers, ISPs) in fast flux botnets.  The service is available for evaluation and subscription. About Milcord: Since 2003 Milcord has been delivering knowledge management technologies and solutions for a range of applications including cyber defense, human and social modeling, geospatial intelligence, and information management. Milcord’s federal customers include Air Force Research Labs, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Labs, Army Geospatial Center, Office of Secretary of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.  For more information see