Milcord presents Risk-based Route Planning at the Military Logistics Summit

Milcord, LLC. - WALTHAM, MA – Milcord LLC presented and demonstrated its ‘Risk-Based Route Planning for Sense and Respond Logistics’ at the Military Logistics Summit in Vienna VA, June 8 – 10.   The presentation covered the technology behind Milcord’s Adaptive Risk-based Convoy Route Planning solution; an advanced technology demonstration developed in multiple SBIR contracts with the Army Geospatial Center and Office of Secretary of Defense.  Milcord’s system is designed to address concerns about route safety and predictability.  Approaches based on ‘minimal distance’ routes are deterministic and pose a security risk because they can easily be determined by the adversary. In contrast, ‘minimal risk’ route planning is not deterministic (changes with events on the field), which gives a better protection against predictability by the adversary. The risk surface (computed per road segment) changes with every incident, intelligence report, weather, traffic, etc., which, in turn, affects the route minimal risk route. A demonstration is available at Milcord’s public wiki; About Milcord: Since 2003 Milcord has been delivering knowledge management technologies and solutions for a range of applications including cyber defense, human and social modeling, geospatial intelligence, and information management. Milcord’s federal customers include Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Labs, Army Geospatial Center, Office of Secretary of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.  For more information see