StreamBase, Milcord team up on NASA data app

... Milcord and StreamBase collaborated to complete an initial phase of a research and development project sponsored by NASA. The project demonstrated the application of the StreamBase CEP software for processing oceanographic, atmospheric and meteorological data, StreamBase officials said ...

See Article on Mass High Tech issue November 6, 2006 and the Full Press Release from Streambase

Milcord client Dataline selected by Air Force

Milcord client Dataline announced the award of a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL). Dataline is developing a Policy and Security Manager that provides Quality-of-Service (QoS) aware mechanisms to assure TCP/IP communications in tactical networks. Milcord is supporting Dataline in the areas of technical architecture design and project support.

Milcord partner Inxight Software selected by Air Force

Milcord partner Inxight Software announces the award of a $1.93 Million U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Contract to apply Inxight’s powerful multilingual extraction capabilities in extremely high-speed environments for the rapid processing of intelligence data. Milcord partnered with Inxight in a number of Government R&D projects.

Skybox Security brings attack simulation technology to enterprise networks

A Skybox Security innovation has made [[Attack Graph|attack graph]] simulation technology feasible for managing the information security risks in large enterprise networks. Milcord has partnered with Skybox on a number of Government information security projects. Attack graph simulation technology was pioneered by Laura Painton Swiler and Cindy Phillips in the 90's at Sandia National Laboratories. more...