Milcord at MobiSensors'07

Milcord presented a position paper titled "A Commercial Perspective: Collaborating on Application Prototypes as anInfrastructure Provider"at the NSF Workshop on Data Management for Mobile Sensor Networks (MobiSensors).

Sensor data management and fusion is a technical component in a number of our projects across a range of applications and technologies, including: · Monitoring [[SPE|Earth Science]] Data – NASA · [[GEMI|Intelligent Video Surveillance]] – Army · Enemy [[Course of Action Forecasting|Course of Action]] Analysis – Army · Quality of Service in Tactical Networks – Air Force · [[Botnet Defense|Botnet Detection]] and Mitigation – DHS

StreamBase, Milcord team up on NASA data app

... Milcord and StreamBase collaborated to complete an initial phase of a research and development project sponsored by NASA. The project demonstrated the application of the StreamBase CEP software for processing oceanographic, atmospheric and meteorological data, StreamBase officials said ...

See Article on Mass High Tech issue November 6, 2006 and the Full Press Release from Streambase