Milcord awarded Phase II contract from Air Force Research Laboratory to develop Campaign Planning Tool

Milcord, LLC. - WALTHAM, MA – Milcord LLC began work on its ‘Predictive Societal Indicators of Radicalism’ project, a Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) R&D contract to develop a Campaign Planning Decision Support Tool for COIN (Counterinsurgency) and Stability Operations.  The project is funded by Air Force Research Laboratory.  In this project Milcord will use its CKM (Course of Action Knowledge Management Framework) to build a data and knowledge management system, Human Terrain and Geospatial models, and advanced analytics that will allow COIN and Stability Operations teams to prepare the human and physical terrain, discover patterns, predict course of action, and plan campaigns across logical lines of operation. Milcord is joined in this effort by Prof. David Cingranelli of the CIRI Human Rights Data Project and his team. About Milcord: Since 2003 Milcord has been delivering knowledge management technologies and solutions for a range of applications including cyber defense, human and social modeling, geospatial intelligence, and information management. Milcord’s federal customers include Air Force Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Laboratory, Army Geospatial Center, Office of Secretary of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.  For more information see

Milcord extends Political Instability Task Force model to insurgency forecasting

Using the COIN and Stability Operations Field Manuals as a process model, Milcord's [[Predictive Societal Indicators of Radicalism]] (PSIR) analytical model predicts future radicalization based on current and historical societal indicators by finding the causal relationships between governance, economic, grievance, essential service indicators, and radicalization metrics. Find out more about our [[PSIR]] project.