Milcord delivers ‘NextGen’ Web 2.0 version of ‘Information Bridge’ service for DOE

Milcord, LLC. - WALTHAM, MA – Milcord LLC delivered a  ‘Next Generation’ concept prototype of DOE’s Information Bridge search service. The prototype was developed under an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) R&D project sponsored by DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). The goal of the project is to develop search extensions to the Information Bridge service that support authoritative sources of Web 2.0 ‘rich media’ content types (videos, blogs, podcasts) relevant to the field of renewable energy. In the NextGen system, a user query returns not only text documents ranked by relevance but also relevant videos, blogs, and podcasts based on their authority score. About Milcord: Since 2003 Milcord has been delivering knowledge management technologies and solutions for a range of applications including cyber defense, human and social modeling, geospatial intelligence, and information management. Milcord’s federal customers include Air Force Research Labs, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Labs, Army Geospatial Center, Office of Secretary of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA.  For more information see

Personalized Web 2.0 Service for Authoritative Content

How can you separate authoritative content from the rest on the Internet? With support from the Department of Energy (DoE), Milcord announced a Web 2.0 Service that will accelerate discovery and collaboration in the R&D community by making it easier for scientists and researchers to collaborate and find authoritative and trusted sources of scientific blogs, podcasts, videos, and documents, and by making it easier for scientific publishers to syndicate their content. Find out more about our [[Personalized Web 2.0 Service for Authoritative Content]] project.