Operational Knowledge Management

Civil Information Management

We developed the Marine Civil Information Management System, a software platform for civil information management. MARCIMS enables users to automatically tag, organize, search, analyze, visualize, and share field-collected data to support Civil Military Operations (CMO).

Intelligence Analysis

In our semSCI project, a Semantic Application to Detect and Resolve Suspicious and Conflicting Information, through AFRL we are working to identify suspicious information in intelligence data. semSCI can infer not only spatial, temporal, and naming conflicts but any inconsistency indicating suspicious and deceptive information involving the logical expressions of subject and property values in the multi-dimensional semantic space

Social Network Analysis

We developed the SNARC (Social Network Analysis Reachback Capability) Semantic Wiki, which provides a structured knowledge base for users to document their datasets and analytical products, providing a rich repository of social-cultural human terrain and social network information for collaborative knowledge sharing in support of the Information Dominance Center, ISAF Joint Command.

Learning Agents

Commander's Learning Agent (CLearn) is a software agent that passively monitors user behavior and discovers the patterns in the background, offering to assist the user in the real-time inference mode.

Semantic Annotation of Motion Imagery

In this project we developed an application to index the moving object content of video feeds captured from diverse platforms, both fixed and moving (e.g., traffic cameras, WAMI and FMV), enabling the querying of video imagery for user-specified patterns of movement (e.g. search for video segments containing a vehicle coming to a stop on the side of the highway).