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power of semantic knowledge management

Do you remember homework assignments from literature courses? Researching the qualifications of an author, figuring out the topic, tone, rhetorical strategy, audience, and purpose of an essay, or thinking about the connections between what you just read and other work in the field?

In the knowledge economy, every enterprise employee similarly annotates and shares content ranging from emails to documents, field data to reports in the conduct of everyday business. Imagine your enterprise being able to capture such facts and relations into a machine understandable form and having machines harvest those relations for your business. That is what semantic technology enables.

Semantic technology will change search as we know it. In fact, it already has. We already see the semantically enriched search results in Google, Bing and Siri search engines reflecting the integration of features from the acquisition of Freebase by Google, Powerset by Microsoft, and Siri by Apple. 

While the search companies focus on the horizontal market, there is an exceptional opportunity for enterprise to focus on their own vertical in their domains. Companies that can develop the ontology for their business vertical, collect data annotated with this ontology, semantically enrich this data for more robust search capabilities to generate actionable insight will have a superior advantage over their competitors.   

That is where Milcord's semantics platform, semLayer, comes in. semLayer can help your organization to bootstrap an ontology leveraging your current investments in semi-structured data, help you organically grow your business ontology, collect structured data using the ontology, semantically enrich your data with contextual knowledge, and semantically analyze and visualize your data for competitive performance.


Mobile Data Management:

• Author, publish and distribute forms and applications to mobile platforms rapidly to collect structured information from mobile devices

Kowledge Fusion:

Automaticaly aggregate mobile data and link with contextual knowledge

Semantic Analysis:

Analyze geospatial and social semantics in real time

Information Products:

Visualize map based semantic search results with web, and mobile access


• Manage enterprise environment and users with tagging and notification

Information Assurance:

• Meets stringent DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) configuration standards for DOD IA and IA-enabled devices/systems

Open Source Platform:

• Built on leading open source software platforms including Semantic MediaWiki, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Open Data Kit, Android, ...


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Defense & Intelligence:

• Build an enterprise knowledge base based on automated tagging of data to represent entities and relationships to amplify analytic insight


Break through technical barriers that prevent decision makers from uncovering treatment and process insights to improve the standard of care

Communities of Interest:

• Empower your community members by letting become a sensor to drive community interests


• Capture, enrich, and analyze information about your customers and their decisions, and the relationship to important market trends

Non-Governmental Organizations:

• Deploy your resources and efforts in the most effective and secure manner to have the greatest effect on global good

Cyber Security:

• Collect and leverage network data from cyber attacks to enable the next generation of cyber tools to actively defend your enterprise